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BREAKING NEWS - DPC FOR PROMOTION TO CAO FOR THE VACANCY YEARS 2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13 HAS BEEN CONDUCTED ON 30.10.2014 & 31.10.2014 AS SCHEDULED.Blogger Tips and Tricks


Many of our members are wondering as to why the promotion order of Chief Accounts Officer (CAO) is getting delayed so much. We fully share the anxiety. The fact remains that the concerned file has duly been processed for approval of the Competent Authority and we are also trying on our part in best possible manner. Meanwhile, our Comrades of Bangalore have met Ms. Joy Kumari Chander, Hon'ble Member (P&V) today at Bangalore. Member (P&V) was very kind to give a patient hearing despite her busy schedule. The issue of present promotion order and the next DPC for CAO for the years 2013-14 and 2014-15 have been represented today also. I request our friends at various zones to see that all requisite information relating to updation of Seniority List of CAO, ACR/APAR etc. (whenever calls for) are sent at the earliest. Meanwhile, I have received many representations from some of the zones, urging for the Association to take up some issues with the Board for immediate redressal. The issues basically centre around the problems, being experienced in various zones in the matter of promotion to various posts. The hype created before CR seems to have not been fulfilled, resulting in accumulation of grievance among our members. The main problem area after implementation of Cadre Restructuring has been the preserved confusion on appropriateness of length of qualifying service for effecting the promotion to the post of Inspector against the additional strength. We are trying to resolve the impasse that exists in some of the zones in an appropriate manner. Promotion to the grade of Tax Assistant (TA) has also been halted in many zones owing to notification of new Recruitment Rule dated 10.01.2014. The qualifying service has been lengthened and educational qualification has been raised. We had earlier taken up this issue and have been following it up. We will continue to do so with greater thrust. Also, it is informed that even the regular promotion Senior Tax Assistant (STA) is not implemented in some of the zones, citing the fact that STA and DOS (Deputy Office Superintendent) posts have been merged as Executive Assistant (EA). It has been clarified by the Board and DoP&T in the past that a post only to be considered to be created once the Recruitment Rule (RR) of such post is notified. Any RR does not become infractuous automatically only through an executive order. It will continue to be effective till new Rule is notified in its place through laid-down process and after the approval of the Competent Authority. Therefore, wherever such problem has cropped up, it is suggested that the zonal administration may be requested to take note of the above facts and appreciate that the Recruitment Rule (RR) of STA and DOS are still in vogue, till the RR of Executive Assistant (EA) is notified. This Association is also alive to the need for some relaxation in Recruitment Rule of Inspector in terms of qualifying service and other conditions. There shall be considerable number of vacancies which will not be filled up for want of eligible officers in the feeder post. In order to impress upon the Board, we need data on number of posts, lying vacant after first phase of DPC, post Cadre Restructuring. I request to all the zonal leaders to mail me (Email Id : the following information of their zones at the earliest:- 1. Name of the zone : ........................................................ 2. Number of vacancies in Promotee Quota (PR Quota) of Inspector as on 31.07.2014 (pre-cadre restructuring) : ................................................... 3. Number of additional posts sanctioned in the PR Quota through Cadre Restructuring as on 01.08.2014: .................................................... 4. Number of posts filled up after Cadre Restructuring (CR) against Point No.2: ................................................ 5. Number of posts filled up after Cadre Restructuring (CR) against Point No.3: ................................................. 6. Number of pre-cadre restructuring vacancies (Point No.2 - Point No.4): .......................................................... 7. Number of post-cadre restructuring vacancies (Point No.3 - Point No.5): .......................................................... It will be highly appreciated if the above data is made available with this association, so that the issue of relaxation can be taken up with the Board in a much stronger manner. The implementation of the judgmment of Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh bench dated 17.03.2010 on promotion of officers beyond the age of 50 years to the post of Inspector, has not been uniformed all over the country. We tried hard to get a clarification from the Board to pave the way for implementation in every zone. The said clarification has been issued on 03 Nov, 2014 (to see the order click here) which will be of great relief to many of our members.

Friday, June 18, 2010



Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee today asked tax collectors to become technology-savvy and develop an effective intelligence system to prevent evasion and punish wrong-doers.
"Tax evaders, as well as smugglers, are getting increasingly more sophisticated, using modern technology... you must also develop an effective intelligence system to not only check the evasion of taxes but also punish the wrong-doers," he said.
Mukherjee said this while speaking at the annual conference of the Chief Commissioners and Directors General of Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax.
"It is... essential that your intelligence, investigation and regulatory wings must get more and more technology-savvy," he told the taxmen responsible for collection of indirect taxes, who have a target to mop up Rs 3.13 lakh crore during the current fiscal.
Increased use of IT and upgradation of government agencies' cyber capabilities, Mukherjee said, could play a decisive role in checking tax evasion.
"If a tax system could be evolved to follow up on paper and other evidentiary trails, the tax evaders and other economic offenders can easily be brought to book," he added.
Later, talking to reporters, Mukherjee expressed the hope that Goods and Services Tax (GST), which seeks to subsume various indirect taxes, would be introduced from April 1, 2011.
Discussions, he added, were on with the state governments, as introduction of GST would require amendments to the Constitution and the consent of the states.
The new tax would be administered by the Central Board of Excise and Customs, he said, adding that it would be an administrative challenge for the officials, as the number of taxpayers would rise from 13 lakhs to 50 lakhs.
The Finance Minister further said that he held informal discussions with the Chief Ministers of the eastern states on the sidelines of the bankers' meet at Patna yesterday.
The minister will also be taking up the issue of GST with the Chief Ministers of the western states at the next bankers' meeting, to be held in Mumbai on June 28.
With regard to corruption, Mukherjee said there is a need to focus on preventive vigilance and "adopt a strategy of zero tolerance".
However, he was against filing of chargesheets against officials on their last day of service. "I want that no chargesheets are filed against our own employees on the last day of retirement after they have put in more than 30 years of service to the government," he added.


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